Partnering for Impact


Good For Michigan Cohorts are made up of businesses grouped by industry or region, who come together to create local impact collaboratively. By utilizing tools such as the SDG Action Manager and B Impact Assessment, we help companies set and achieve positive and measurable place-based impacts.



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Traverse City




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Why Join A Cohort?

Cohorts work together to drive positive environmental, social and economic change. In this work, your business benefits from free social and environmental sustainability consulting services, educational resources and technical assistance, a collective impact performance report, features within the Good For Michigan spaces like our website and socials, and networking alongside other values-aligned businesses.

Happy Hour Event with Good For Michigan Upper Peninsula Cohort

Fulton Street Farmers Market, Grand Rapids, MI

What does commitment look like?

Work with the Good For Michigan team to measure your current social and environmental impacts and take advantage of free consulting services

Participate in three “best practices” group meetings with other cohort members
2-3 hours of your time per month for 4-6 months
Share your journey and engage in our social media (follow, tag, share, etc)