The economy thrives when we put people first.

We are a team dedicated to building programs and empowering people who are working toward an economy that puts people first.
We connect consumers to local businesses, help business owners build sustainable businesses, and incubate new initiatives, like our policy focused People First Impact.

Think Local First

Help West Michigan create an economy grounded in local ownership. Find a local business with our directory.

Become Good For Michigan

We help Michigan businesses create positive and measurable impacts, and grow with intention.

Raise Your Voice

To create a people first economy, we need to create systematic change. Learn about what civic engagement means for local business.

How do we build a people first Economy?

People First Economy is a business support organization that provides equity and resiliency-building resources through the Local First, Good For Michigan, and People First Policy programs. We do this by engaging business leaders to support social and environmental justice through emergent best practices; catalyzing individuals to be intentional with consumer habits, and elevating small business voices in the legislative process.

Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids, MI

Local First

Connecting local people with local businesses.

Local First is a nonprofit business membership organization that builds people-centered economies and celebrates the positive social and environmental impacts of local ownership.

Good For Michigan

Building a better business future.

Good For Michigan helps identify, measure, and guide the implementation of practices that create positive social and environmental change.

Good For Michigan “Mind Your Business” Workshop

What we’re currently working on —

People First Economy hosts community-wide initiatives that focus on key areas of development. These areas hold incredible potential for growth and offer resources for conscious consumers and values-driven businesses.

Signature Initiative

Member Event

Diversity & Inclusion

We are strongly committed to the values of diversity, inclusion and equity as we recognize that such values strengthen our work for an economy grounded in local ownership that meets the basic needs of all people.

We also believe that practicing diversity, inclusion and equality enhances our business membership, advocacy and mission. Therefore, we are intentional in our practices to be an organization inclusive of ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, age, religious, disability, family status, sexual orientation, and socio-economic diversity in all areas from membership to hiring.