SSBCI Technical Assistance
Grant Program

People First Economy, Detroit Community Wealth Fund, Center for Community-Based Enterprise, and Michigan Center for Employee Ownership are a collective of MEDC’s SSBCI Technical Assistance program grant, serving to provide capital for very small businesses (VBS – businesses under 25 employees) and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (SEDI) looking to transition to employee-operative models by offering the following:

  • Helping business owners find and win capital 
  • Increasing financial and business management skills 
  • Providing support across the entire state
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Dig Deeper

Helping Businesses in Your Community Reach the Next Level with SSBCI
February 21 – 10am

The State Small Business Credit Initiative is a Department of Treasury-funded program that flows through the State and into the MEDC. Realizing that businesses need more than just capital to succeed, the administrators of the SSBCI 2.0 program added technical assistance as a component. With that help, businesses have been able to compete faster than ever before. Get an update on the SSBCI program, learn who is participating, what resources are available, and the next steps in helping businesses reach the next level.
Moderator: Roy Messing, Executive Director, Michigan Center for Employee Ownership
Panelists: Chris Cook, Managing Director, Capital Access, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

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