People First Initiatives

PFE hosts a number of community-wide initiatives that bring people together to celebrate local ownership. While these aren’t individual programs, these different campaigns give our community something to rally around throughout the year!

Move Your Money!

Move Your Money puts the focus on financial literacy and the interconnectivity of where we hold our accounts. Local banking systems put people first and keep our money close to home. Our local financial institutions go beyond banking to support businesses, families, and individuals in our community. Take a deeper look at how our financial systems impact place-based economies.

Independents Week

Leading up to the Independence Day holiday, we help highlight the independent businesses that make our communities unique. We host this promotional campaign alongside AMIBA and other “Buy Local” organizations each year to support Local First members. 

Nourish Our Community

Nourish Our Community highlights ideas, resources, and partners that help build a stronger food system. We believe that nourishing our community means providing the ingredients necessary for growth, health, and equity within the food economy so that the environment, businesses, and local communities thrive.

Gift Local, Gift Good

The holidays can be a whirlwind for all of us. But family and friends always appreciate gifts that come from their neighborhood shops. During this time of year, we shine an even brighter light on our local businesses. Several of our members will have sales, incentives, and other activities. Keep your eyes on our member directory, blog, and social media for updates!