Thank you so much for joining the Local First movement! We are grateful for businesses like yours that create jobs, build wealth and social capital, and make our community stronger.


Entrepreneur BusinessNeighborhood BusinessSmall BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
1-3 employees
$16.25/mo or $195/yr
4-12 employees
$24.59/mo or $295/yr
13-50 employees
$37.50/mo or $450/yr
51-125 employees
$57.92/mo or $695/yr
126+ employees
$79.17/mo or $950/yr
Include all full and part time staff, exclude any contract workers.

Pay What You Can

Local First is committed to supporting local businesses across West Michigan by keeping our Membership programming accessible. Our team understands several industries have been hit hard because of the pandemic and, in response, have created an option to better support you. Now your business can pay what you can for membership with Local First.

To take advantage of this scholarship, fill out our Pay What You Can application and be a part of Local First’s Membership Program at a reduced rate.