The Mortals Cafe & Confection

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We are a death-centric coffee shop giving rise to Vietnamese coffee, worldly teas, and inspired flavors with a side of conversation around our own mortality. Located in the Harris Building.

Death is a grim topic where discussion can get swept under the rug and outside cultures that do it well can become appropriated incorrectly. With creating the right space for community to connect and have discussions, we can bridge these gaps of misunderstanding as well as provide valuable resources for those going through these stages of grief and dealings with death.

With our cafe, we give homage to the seed. Small, humble, but packs a life force appreciated in multiple forms- to grow, perpetuate, and provide continued nourishment.

And that’s really what this death themed cafe is about. Life. Make the most of it by learning, experiencing, and cherish all the little things.

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111 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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