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Synergy Wellness Academy, a fresh face in the world of holistic massage therapy education, is here to transform your career path.

While holistic in nature, the SWA massage program shines in its specialized focus on orthopedic assessment, evaluation, and treatment of the most common causes of pain. This gives students the confidence to give a massage that is not simply relaxing, but is aimed at finding the root causes of pain and discomfort and to develop treatment plans to support each client on their journey to pain free living.

Uniquely, also interwoven throughout our curriculum is the learning and practice of somatics. Somatics enhances massage therapy by fostering body awareness. It empowers clients to connect with sensations, aiding in tension release and stress reduction. Integrating somatic principles into massage sessions promotes holistic healing, aligning physical and emotional well-being through mindful attention to the body’s innate wisdom.

We’re not just a school, we’re a journey to a stress-free career, ideal for those seeking flexibility and freedom, and the opportunity to help others live their best lives.

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